The Pavilion Club - Health Visitor, Shirley O'Hagan, Troon

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BEWARE!if your Health Visitor is Shirley O'Hagan.

She is not of sound mind, she is vindictive, manipulative and malicious, and very calculating. She is a pathological liar, and a pschopath. Don't go anywhere near her, she will bring all of your family and friends down with her as she is in downward spiral since she made life so bad for her husband he had no choice but to leave, due to all of her insecurities, her lack of morals and principles , and her disgusting demeanour towards society.

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please don't let this woman into your home near your children..

Review about: Unprofessional Conduct.


London, England, United Kingdom #582482

Lady looks down her nose at everyone.My son asked me why she looks at me like that.

Well son she is a nutter and now has lost everything.All the very bestbshirley Hughes !!!

to School mothers #582686

Hear Hear!!!!


OMG I think I know who this is.She is crazy.

Definitely one to keep well clear of.

I've heard she treats people so bad that her colleagues are afraid of her.:eek

She also treats men like ***, I don't know how she could attract any man with her persona :upset :upset


I think I know who this is.She is crazy, definitely one to stay clear of.

I've heard some terrible things about how she treats people.:eek

I don't know how she can even attract a man with her persona :sigh

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The Pavilion Club - the liers

Richmond Hill, Ontario 1 comment

I would like to make you and others aware, that, if you will make the same mistake I did you will need to spend a lot of time to get your money back and I still didn't, Back in December, 2007 I did sign off for 10 days trial with guarantee that I will received money back within 30 days (written on contract), but at Pavilion" health club, that they do not honor their contracts.

I did not use my (and my husband) 10 day trial due to the fact that I found a new job in Mississauga and decided to join club there.

3 days later I visited The Pavilion and sign off cancellation form and request for refund form. I was expecting to receive 200$ back by end of February but I did not.

Here is my trouble begins. I was calling Accounting department 2 time a day, left tons of massages and no one ever called me back. I spoke with Adam from Accounting department and he laugh and told me that I can wait up to 6 months to get money back - maybe. He advised me that I need to talk to Jennifer. Oh, this mysterious person. She is never at her work place, they do not have Manager as well - HE QUIT I was told and nobody has replaced him.

So, the only choice for me is to try to catch Jennifer

The fact that 30 days money back guarantee was written right on my contract seemed to not matter to them at all.

I would like to suggest to everyone – stay away from this place. It is a very bad place, even it looks quite fancy.

Never ever in my life I would consider this place as a proper place for fitness

Shame, shame

I will get my money back and I will request compensation as well for all disrespect and shame that put me throughout.

I already contact my Lower and will sue them if needed

But I am pretty sure that they will not survive and they will loose business soon and I wish then good lack

The contact details for the Pavilion are: 130 Racco Parkway, Thornhill, Ontario. L4J 8X9.

Phone # 905-763-8000

Manager= Unknown




Going throught the same thing!

The mysterious manager is NEVER there.... Jeniffer, apparently. Does she even exist?

What about the girl who sits in the accounting office? The only reason her *** has been there for 5 years (as she proudly claims) is because she attacks the customers like a wolf... and shier ppl leave just not to be attacked.


They need to be taught a lesson. They really do.

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